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Arboretum in Haseldorf

Image Copyright: Bärbel Meisner

Directly in front of one's own nose, sometimes, one isn't able to admire natural special features. Like for example the Arboretum in Haseldorf.

Unrefined forest nearby
This tree park, shows tree giants without any embellishment, no exotic trees, but endemic trees and plant, which reach up all the way to the moat. The park is situated near Haseldorf castle and immediately behind the old Elbe dike. On dirt tracks, hiking boots are recommended, one can walk peacefully through the park. If you want to sit down, please bring a blanket.

Image Copyright: Bärbel Meisner

Detective work
As there are no sign-posts it is by no means easy to find hidden places. In any case cross the street diagonally when you have found the car park next to the auxiliary fire brigade in Haseldorf at the main road.

New art harder than wood
Along the tracks are downright imaginative artworks to be seen, which also need to brave acid rain. The stone or metal sculptures are partly homogenously integrated into the landscape, they shouldn't be removed. In any case every artwork has found a suitable place in this stately terrain.

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