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Rose Garden Pinneberg

Image Copyright: Bärbel Meisner

Relaxation in close proximity to the city promises Pinneberg's rose garden.

Larger than a garden
More accurate would be the description rose park because it's way too big for a garden. Enormous, groomed lawns are surrounded by a diversity of roses. In autumn autumnal plants bloom in competition and the water fountains spray its mist. Unique expanse!

Image Copyright: Bärbel Meisner

Recreation close to town
The recreation park can easily be found just behind the Pinneberg hospital. With benches for rests, tables and benches in small niches for the brought picnic this park is well worth a visit. An ideal place to refuel oxygen and peace. And last but not least to admire the gift of nature.

Rosengarten Pinneberg
Hogenkamp 34
25421 Pinneberg

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